Nicolas Day prints from original paintings
Leaves and feather
Blue wren on a paint brush


Print available on paper or canvas

(Original: oil on canvas)

Size ( image area ) -
24.5 cm  x 20 cm

Open edition

Signed by the artist

Price: $265
Flame robin perched on a rock.
Price includes shipping within Australia.

The Flame Robin is one of a handful of Australian flycatchers in which the adult males all have red or pink in their plumage. They reminded the first Europeans here of the robin they knew and loved.
Flame Robins are altitudinal migrants, arriving at low lying and coastal areas in Autumn.
Some parts of their breeding range are subject to winter snow.

I sketched some robins foraging for insects and intermittently perching on fences and stone walls. One of my drawings formed the basis for this painting.
Nic's notes