Nicolas Day prints from original paintings
Leaves and feather
Blue wren on a paint brush


Print available on paper or canvas
(original: oil on canvas)

Size ( image area ) -
50 cm  x  40 cm

Limited edition - 150

Signed and numbered by the artist

Price: $380

Nankeen kestral on cliff face.
Paper or canvas Quantity
Price includes shipping within Australia.

This is only one species of kestrel in Australia.
The Nankeen Kestrel occurs throughout the continent although rarely in Tasmania.
Like most kestrels it prefers open country.

I have kept road injured kestrels and made many sketches whilst they recovered prior to release.

The setting for this picture is a part of the coast near where I live, and kestrels are always to be found. The cliff ledges, outcrops and caves provide shelter and nesting sites.

Nic's notes