Nicolas Day prints from original paintings
Leaves and feather
Blue wren on a paint brush


Print is on paper

(original: watercolour on paper)

Size (image area):
29.5 cm x 22.0 cm
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Open edition

Signed  by the artist

Price: $235

Regent parrot perched on a branch.
Nic's notes
Area shown by dotted line is approx.
height: 29.5cm x width: 22.0 cm .
Bird length (head to tail): 30.5cm. Printed on a sheet with a generous white border for handling and framing.
Price includes shipping within Australia.

This study of a male Regent Parrot was made after I had watched one clamber down to the end of a branch on the bank of the Murray river.
The bird had landed with some females but was much bolder than them.
Their arrival to drink had brought them unexpectedly close to me and the male stayed vigilant throughout their brief stay.