Nicolas Day prints from original paintings
Leaves and feather
Blue wren on a paint brush
Yellow- throated Scrubwen on mossy branch.


Print available on paper or canvas

(Original: watercolour on paper)

Size ( image area ) -
24.5 cm  x  28.5 cm

Limited edition - 150

Signed and numbered by the artist

Price: $345

Paper or canvas Quantity
Price includes shipping within Australia.
Nic's notes

The Yellow-throated Scrubwren lives on or close to the wet forest floor.
It is found from southern New South Wales to southern Queensland, although a small isolated population also occurs further north.

I particularly like coastal regions and enjoy the damp humid forests and watching the wildlife there.
Sometimes it is almost impenetrable away from tracks and paths but the birds have no such difficulty, and search diligently through the tangled undergrowth for invertebrates.